Why Wall Script??

Why the name Wall Script?

It has always been a passion of mine to spread scripture and inspirational quotes around me. As a teenager I had print outs of scriptures and quotes all over my bedroom walls. That has not changed in recent years I just have a more professional way of putting those words in my home with wall decals. 

My decals are primaraly scriptures for your walls sooo... Wall Script is the name my husband and I came up with. We purchased a full service sign company in 2005 offering local signage needs to our high mountian valley in Colorado. While home with our 2nd child in 2010, and creating my first wall decal for his nursery I decided to try to sale some of my designs on Etsy as side income. My wall decal designs have been such a fun way to share my favorite scriptures and quotes with the world. And I really mean world, as I primarily ship in the States we have sent decals to over 20 different countries over the past 10 plus years!

As always I hope we can add some faith, hope and love to your homes.

-Sign Gal Vicki


Psst... I have FREE printable prayer cards ready to download! Here is the website to get them emailed to you ready to print, http://bitly.ws/3TYR.

You'll Love Them!


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